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Genius Fusion - Make The World Yours!

Unique Features

We’ve introduced a set of very unique and user friendly and exclusive features for our Ultimate Unlocking Web Server. More features will be released soon

APIs Connection

We support every API that is on the web and offered by the websites. We provide Developer API to connect your web server/software to automate your orders for better turnaround time.

User Friendly

Our Ultimate Unlocking Web Server is very user friendly, the system explains everything itself. The menus, links everything explain the functionality themselves, so you do not need to worry about how to use it. It’s just as simple as it could be.


Our Ultimate Unlocking Web Server offers Content Management System also known as CMS, which gives you the option to manage the contents of your website where you can also create pages, insert images and many more.

Genius Fusion - Make The World Yours!

Open your own UNLOCKING website today with Genius Fusion!

The Ultimate Unlocking Web Server


Purchase a domain name for your unlocking website.

Hosting + FREE SSL

Purchase a hosting plan to host your unlocking website.

Ultimate Unlocking Web Server Features

Content Management System

Price Management

Invoice System

IMEI Services Management

Secure Client Management

File Services Management

Receiving Payments Directly

Server Services Management

DEMO Links

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We specialize in repairing iPhones.

Walk-in Repair

Most iPhone repairs can be done while you wait in our walk-in repair shop. No appointments are needed!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We proudly stand behind our services. We use the highest quality parts for all our iPhone repairs and warranty all of our work.

Genius Fusion

Genius Fusion is the leader in unlocking mobile phones with remote codes worldwide! With the lowest prices, expeditious turn-around time and reliable support we have grown to be the top amongst our peers in the unlocking industry across the globe with offering variety of services from mobile carrier/network unlocking to Android reactivation lock services.

Let Us Unlock Your Phone's Full Potential!

Official factory unlock for any iPhones and Android phones regardless of iOS/Android version, Baseband version or model. Permanent HASSLE FREE factory unlock your iPhone or Android phone without voiding warranty or difficult procedure. No need to run any complicated softwares! We offer the lowest prices with the most reliable services one can easily trust. All of the unlock services on our website are covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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